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digital picture frame



Photos & Videos


in Real -Time

Save Up To 15%

New Best Digital Frames

A meaningful gift for loved ones
Each photo holds a special memory, and our digital photo frames you can send pictures to allows everyone to remember those special moments for years to come

Easy Sharing

No hassle of printing photos. With the Frameo app from phone, the digital photo frame can easily shares photos or videos (0-15 seconds). Built-in 32GB memory, Support Mirco SD Card (Max. 64GB) extend storage. Easily replace tons of great moments.

digital photo frame

Customize The Duration of Photo Carousel

You can set the duration for each photo in the carousel, ranging from 1 second to 24 hours per piece

digital photo frame

Auto-Rotates Photos

Our smart digital photo frame will automatically adjust the photos based on your selection, ensuring the best viewing experience 

Product  Experience

Eptusmey User Experience Sharing
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